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Post California Quotes

RUSTY WALLACE --2-- Miller Lite Taurus (Finished 8th) -- "The two tires just killed us there at the end. We had a top-three car at worst and it just didn't fall our way. We were running a little tight there on that last long green-flag run. Normally, the two tires (right sides) would make the car turn better in the turns, but with the thing as tight as it was, it just made the situation even worse. So, instead of finishing here in third, we get an eighth-place for the day. The pit stops were good and I can't complain at all about the work my guys did today. My hat's off to Jeremy and his team for pulling this one off today. They had that oil temp or whatever the problem was there at the first of the race and were able to bounce back from that. He has a good team over there and they've been knocking on the door. They finally knocked the door down here today."




Post Martinsville Race Qutoe

"I really thought with 70 to go we needed to put tires on to get position and go. I didn't think a bunch of them would just stay out like they did, they did. I got behind, my car pushed, and I just couldn't get back around them. Then a bunch of lapped cars got in the way, I got spun by one of them and banged by another one, so after that was when we got in the back. Track position is everything in the world nowadays and we should have just stayed out." YOU HAD THEM BEAT TODAY. "I think we had the best car out there all day long. It was a real hot-rod it's just unfortunate that's all I can say." WHEN YOU LOST THE LAPS EARLY ON YOU SHOT BACK THROUGH THE FIELD. "That's what made me think that I should put tires on late because it was just flying on those new tires and at the end all it did was push on tires, it was just real pushy. It's unfortunate." DID YOU AND THE CREW AGREE ON THE DECISION? "Yeah, yeah, we were all for one on that one, it just didn't work out." HOW BAD IS IT TO HAVE SUCH A DOMINANT CAR AND NOT WIN? "It was just real upsetting to have that dominant of a car. I just couldn't believe it when I'm sitting there running 15th and 13th going, 'Man, how in the hell did this happen?' But it was all track position.When I saw those guys stay out I went, 'Oh, man.' And then a bunch of them two-tired. With 50 and 60 laps to go I should have never pitted. I just shouldn't. I'll learn next time because track position is so important here and it just got me." DID YOU THINK IT WAS GOING TO BE YOUR DAY? "I was hoping it was gonna be my day, I was looking like it was gonna be. I think the test session paid off good, everything worked good. The pit stops were fast as lightning all day long. Everything was right." WAS IT JUST A WAR OUT THERE? "Yeah, it was just a bunch of guys -- they get here and they just drive wrong. There are a bunch of good drivers too, but a lot of them get frustrated."


Post Texas Quotes

"We had a good run all day long, it was a great car. I'm just really happy to get some good points and do what I did. That was really neat." DID YOU THINK EARNHARDT, JR. WOULD WIN THIS EARLY? "Well, I'm happy for him. That's seven different winners now this year, that's a cool deal you know. We're competing on the track for the beer brands, but I'm not really competing against him, he's a good kid and he drove his heart out. I raced him pretty hard today and I just could not get my car to run fast on new tires. We kept putting right sides on and they just kept getting better and better and better and it gave me better track position, so I said, 'Heck with it guys. The way it's looking right now we're gonna finish about sixth or seventh unless we do something.' So we just kept the right sides on it and led for awhile, then started falling back and it just honed right in on fourth place. The left side tires had about 80 laps on it, but she was still running good. That's a good run for us. A first last week and fourth this week and another new winner this week."


Post Bristol

"I'm so excited I can't talk," Wallace said in Victory Lane. "It's a special day.I can't believe I finally got it," said Wallace, who looked every bit as excited as when he won his NASCAR championship in 1989. He did it in what everyone expects here, a caution-plagued wreckfest. And he got the magic number before relative newcomer Jeff Gordon, with whom he was tied at 49.

Wallace drove a reverse victory lap to mark the occasion and sounded incredulous when asked if he would party later.

"Are you kidding? We're sponsored by a beer company for Christ's sakes! When all the excitement calms down, we're going down to my motor home."


Post Race Atlanta Quotes

"Tony Stewart lost it up there, somebody did. There was no place to go. I tried to get away from it. My car was just about blown up though, it was smoking real bad." YOU HAD A GREAT RUN GOING FROM THE BACK OF THE FIELD. "Basically what happened was we broke an exhaust header. When the header broke it caught the inside of the car on fire, believe it or not. There was smoke everywhere, so I had to pit under green thinking I had a tire going down because it was stinking like tire smoke real bad and the car had a squirrely feeling. We pitted and didn't find anything wrong with the tire and went back out and then it got really bad. Come to find out the header broke and it was catching the whole inside of the car on fire. Then we had something going wrong with the motor, it was spitting oil out the tailpipes and smoking on caution flags, but it wasn't affecting the way it was running. Man, it's just unfortunate because I had a real hot rod today. We started 30th and drove it up to fourth and everything was great and now this happens. But this wreck, I guess Stewart spun. I don't know what happened there. I had them all cleared on the outside and somebody came flying across the race track through the grass and got me in the door. Now we're trying to get it back out there and make just a couple of laps to get some points and that's it." IT SEEMED LIKE THINGS WERE VERY RACEY TODAY, WAS IT DUE TO THE TIRE? "The tire was really hard to figure out. It's a great tire and it just took a lot different setup. Everybody was really really tire wear was great, my camber wear was great...everything was going good except this doggone header broke and that's what caused everything."


Rusty on Team Penske's Common Chassis

"Both Jeremy's and my car have been in the wind tunnel and we know what the numbers are on both the cars and we know that they're real close. We also know that the chassis we run are a little bit different and we're working hard right now to come up with a common chassis. I expect to have both of us running the same chassis within the next two months. We're working really hard on that right now and we have a big meeting on Tuesday, as soon as we get home from Las Vegas, to talk about the chassis. Hopefully we'll get these new chassis on-line real fast."


Post Rockingham Quotes

"I couldn't believe how unbelievably fast new tires were. In only 18 laps the 22 car had come back and taken the lead and was about 1.2 seconds faster on fresh tires. We came back and we were looking pretty good, but we kept having those doggone pit problems again and it was killing us. The guys were really working hard trying to overcome it, but to add insult to injury, right there at the very end of the day, the lugnuts came loose on the left rear." HOW ABOUT THE FORDS ON THE DOWNFORCE TRACK? "I think it's a little too early to tell yet, honestly, for all makes. The chassis has a lot to do with what goes on here -- aerodynamics isn't everything. Aerodynamics at Daytona are completely different from here. There, we run only 45 degree spoilers, real narrow, slippery cars. Here, everybody is trying to get as much downforce they can and shocks and springs play a big factor. I felt like I had a top three car today, but that lap going down early, I finally got it back. Then, the pit problems we had and finally the loose lugnuts that kind of KO'd me, but we got back up to 11th and made some points today. We'll go back home and get this thing fixed.


Rusty after the Pole winning run (2.26.00)

"We unloaded today and had a carbuertor messing up so we fixed that," he said. "Then we had a rev limiter kicking in and we fixed that. Then the brakes were too grippy and fixed that.We did a ton of work on the car and didn't really get a chance to post a good speed in the morning practice. So after doing all the work, we blocked up the car for the last practice and ran two-tenths faster than we had run earlier.We finally got the car working and tuned up. But I would have never imagined that we would have run the speed we did.We had a rock-solid week at Daytona and to come here and win the pole, it's really cool."


Post Daytona Rusty Quotes 2.20.00

"If I could have got in front I could have stayed in front, but track
position was everything in the world," Wallace said. "That was the
whole deal. When I didn't have the track position I lost a lot in the
pits and that's too bad because we did a lot of practicing in the
off-season and we had some mistakes today that hurt us."
"I think it's just a restrictor-plate thing. We'll have to see now
when we get to Rockingham how we run, but we had a great race
today - a good, safe race and we ran strong. We started fifth and
finished fourth and we were in the top-5 all week long."